The Mission Driving All We Do at Wilshine Events & Associates, Inc.

Wilshine Events & Associates, Inc. is an event-based marketing agency. We provide fresh solutions for local brands and Fortune 500 companies alike. We’ll act as an extension of your internal team by taking on the work of achieving your marketing goals. Our executives are eager to create and execute your next outreach campaigns.

Wilshine Events & Associates, Inc.’s Culture of Success

At Wilshine Events & Associates, Inc., we have always taken a progressive approach to managing our people. That’s because we believe success is driven by those who comprise our powerful team. Our company culture centers on nurturing talented executives so they are poised to deliver the results businesses have come to expect.

Exceptional Work Atmosphere

With our supportive culture, the Wilshine Events & Associates, Inc. team enjoys the benefits of constant career development. This is delivered through an array of resources, including coaching, cross-training with other regions, and on-line education.

Wilshine Events & Associates, Inc.’s Standard of Excellence

Our goal is to increase brand awareness and market share for the companies we promote. We do this by fostering a standard of excellence throughout every level of our operations. Our exceptional customer service ensures every consumer has a great experience with your brand. Each associate embodies our core values of:


Wilshine Events & Associates, Inc.’s Customer-Driven Approach

At Wilshine Events & Associates, Inc., we believe the most effective approach is one that takes marketing to a personal level. We don’t just show consumers your product. We humanize your brand by introducing them to your unique philosophy. Doing so generates a level of excitement and deepness of connection unlike anything traditional approaches can deliver.

Our executives have the knowledge and expertise to lead these customized campaigns from concept to execution. They infuse each initiative with data-driven knowledge combined with intense energy. Our solutions ensure successful outcomes every time.

Outsourcing Perfected With Wilshine Events & Associates, Inc.

At Wilshine Events & Associates, Inc., we fulfill your outreach needs without the stress and overhead of a full-time marketing department. Our pros will assume every aspect of your promotions so you can focus on your core business.

Marketing that Spreads

Each innovative campaign is strategically deployed for fast expansion into core markets. We generate a buzz that has consumers rapidly sharing their positive thoughts about your brand.

Fast Implementation

Each campaign is seamlessly designed by our brand ambassadors to be quick to market. This allows you to reap a higher ROI.

Experts on Demand

Wilshine Events & Associates, Inc.’s talented team is fully trained to promote your product professionally. We ensure that our executives are equipped with the skills, knowledge, and motivation needed to achieve exceptional results.