Young people form an important subset of our Wilshine Events & Associates team. We often focus our hiring efforts on millennials. They have the energy and passion for learning needed to excel in the sales and marketing industry. Of course, leading younger teams requires some unique strategies. For example, millennials tend to like working in agile workplaces.

In the tech world, agile is a development lifecycle that allows more flexibility and spread out authority. It has since become popular to organize work for other types of skilled positions. Agile processes allow teams to spend more time working and less time dealing with formalities. It also empowers individuals to make decisions more easily and quickly. In short, agile work is more productive.

Although everyone can benefit from an agile workplace, millennials really respond to it. Our Wilshine Events & Associates management team chalks this up to young people tending to seek control over their careers and work. Young people also care a lot about purpose. Agile workflows tend to help them connect more with the big picture.

Agile workplaces can lead to getting more done with a more engaged team. Of course, it isn’t the right fit for every company. To find out more about our culture, follow us on Newswire